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Autism Spectrum

While each autistic person is a unique individual with their own set of characteristics, there is a cluster of traits that many on the autistic spectrum can relate to. Autistic people may have a difficult time socializing, experience sensitivity to touch, light or sound, get fixated on certain activities or have a really hard time when their routines are changed. I support, accept and understand neurodiversity and the unique challenges that may occur. I also see the profound potential and strength within the spectrum, too. Autistic individuals often demonstrate exceptional abilities and talents in various areas. I am committed to fostering an environment where these strengths can be explored and nurtured, allowing individuals to reach their full potential and live a life they desire. I will help you to increase self-acceptance and self-understanding (or understanding of your child) by implementing a warm approach and honoring the unique way you may navigate the world around you. 

Substance Use

I have years of professional experience assisting individuals dealing with substance use issues across various settings. I have worked closely with clients in both outpatient and inpatient settings which has strengthened my understanding of addiction. My experience encompasses various addictions including alcohol, opioids, sex, pornography, and more. Through my experiences, I have had the privilege to witness the incredible potential for recovery that exists. I understand the weight of the emotions such as shame, stigma, and isolation that often accompanies addiction. My focus lies in fostering self-compassion while supporting you in finding a path towards joy and recovery. I firmly believe that the journey to recovery is as unique as each individual. My approach is grounded in respect for your personal experiences, as we work collaboratively towards a life of health and fulfillment.


Individuals with ADHD may experience difficulties maintaining attention, managing impulsive actions, and initiating or completing tasks. My approach revolves around meeting you where you’re at and implementing evidence-based techniques to assist you in effectively working towards managing your symptoms. I am committed to fostering an environment that embraces neurodiversity, recognizing the diverse strengths that emerge from this unique way of experiencing the world. My goal is to support you in acquiring the necessary tools and abilities to flourish in a world that often fails to uplift individuals with ADHD.

Children & Teenagers

While I routinely work with clients across the lifespan, I have a particular passion for working with children and teenagers (6-17). Children have unique needs when it comes to therapy. Oftentimes, children do not fluidly express their feelings in words. Young children tend to express themselves through play, art, and sometimes by "acting out." I am trained to "speak their language" by incorporating play into our sessions and meeting them where they are currently in their development. I also am trained to collaboratively work with parents and provide parental support to ensure effective change is enacted in the home as well. 

Teenagers are navigating the intricate task of individuation - defining their passions and life aspirations - all while seeking a sense of belonging. This can be a time of significant turmoil for many teenagers. There is an increased likelihood of developing depression, anxiety, substance use, and various other mental health concerns. Meeting with a trained therapist can mitigate these concerns and lead to positive outcomes. My approach involves empowering teenagers and facilitating their growth by honing communication skills, building self-esteem, increasing resilience, and providing them with a judgement-free zone to explore their thoughts and feelings. 


Whether you find yourself as a gifted adult grappling with the complexities of your unique abilities or as a parent seeking support and guidance for your gifted child, I am here to help. Together, we will uncover underlying challenges and explore potential tools, skills, and solutions. Gifted and 2e individuals often describe feelings of healing, freedom, relief, and lightness when they achieve deep and holistic self-understanding. Learning about your unique traits, strengths, challenges, and embracing your giftedness while shedding limiting or unrealistic expectations can lead to increased self-confidence and the freedom to authentically be you. My goal is to help make that your reality. I have specialized training to work with gifted/2e children, teenagers, and adults. 

High Sensitivity

Highly sensitive people tend to experience emotions more deeply than the average population. HSP often have unique needs linked to their depth of feeling, enthusiasm, and intricacy. Intense sensitivity can affect a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some individuals with heightened sensitivity encounter difficulties in processing sensory information, an area in which I have considerable expertise too. Having worked extensively with both highly sensitive children and adults, I have valuable experience in dealing with heightened sensitivity, overexcitabilities, and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). My experience enables me to genuinely understand the unique challenges HSP face and effectively guide them towards change.


I am an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist which means that I prioritize creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive therapeutic environment for individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m here to assist you in exploring your identity and its potential impacts on your life. My identity as a gay male deeply influences my capacity to engage in these discussions with a focus on understanding, empathy, and compassion. I get it. My goal is to aid you in cultivating resilience and strength. My approach involves working with clients to build self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy. It is worth highlighting that individuals that identify as LGBTQ+ or are engaging the in the process of self-discovery don’t necessarily require therapy soley because of their identity. However, therapy can offer valuable assistance and insight when we’re navigating the potential challenges associated with an identity that is stigmatized and marginalized.

Psychotic Disorders

I am deeply passionate about working with individuals that have psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. I recognize that psychosis can evoke fear, isolation, and a sense of diminished control. You do not have to experience fear and isolation on your own. My initial goal is to create a space in which you feel comfortable enough to begin treatment with me. My background entails working collaboratively with psychiatrists to ensure comprehensive client care and medication management. While medication management is critical, I also place value in working towards acquiring skills and techniques that will assist you in effectively managing your symptoms. Creating a feeling of community plays an essential role in maintaining the mental wellness of individuals managing psychotic disorders too. I will assist you in pinpointing a safe environment where we can nurture support from peers that understand what psychosis feels like. You will find compassion and understanding from those who navigate the world in a similar manner, while also acquiring techniques that have proven effective for others living with psychosis.

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